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Can HVAC systems help prevent transmission of COVID-19

One such technical step that can lead to better air circulation and ventilation is by configuring and adjusting the HVAC ducted systems. The point is to increase the amount of fresh air flow from outside to cut on recirculation. Running the HVAC systems continuously, without any shutdown, can help in increasing the replacement of air and also help in minimizing airflow speed. Thus, with mere adjustments in the settings, it is possible to limit the spread of COVID-19. But for buildings that are using outdated and inflexible systems, upgrading the HVAC system will turn out to be beneficial for them in this fight against corona virus.

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Your air ventilation system Can prevent from COVID 19?

In Pandemic Situation, foom air ventilation and filtration need to update. Old As per ISHARE guideline, HVAC system need to be updated for preventing CORONA to spread in Office, Hotel Rooms, Shopping Malls.

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Time to replace your old chiller

Replacement of chiller will save the cost of energy as well as operation cost of your business. Our Leading Advance technology will help to save your pocket.

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How COVID-19 effected Air Conditioning Indstry

CORONA Pandemic and effects in Centralized Air Conditioning Industry.

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