Water Cooled Chiller

High Efficient - Water Cooled Start Delta / VFD Chiller

Supply, Installtion and Commissioing of Water Cooled Chiller

We are one of the largest supplyer of Water Cooled liquid chiller, for Mushroom Plant, Processing Plants, Commercial Building and Airports. Factories utilize Daikin chillers in a variety of ways including process cooling where harsh demands are placed for all types of temperature conditions, precision control, and stability.

Design philosophy provides great advantages in performances and reliability. Single screw compressor has a balanced compression mechanism which eliminates the screw rotor load in both the radial and axial directions, and results in bearing life 3-4 times greater than twin screw compressor. At the same time, noise and vibrations are the lowest in the market. Oil injection is used to improve COP at high condensing pressure.

Controller has a lead-lag function for compressors. Built-in-clock will calculate individual compressor’s operation time. Based on the timer statistic data, controller can automatically select start-up compressor, which runs for a longer time when just one compressor performance is needed for dual compressor system.

For most airconditioning systems, 97% of the operation time chillers run under part load, dual compressor water cooled chiller just needs one compressor running at 60% part load condition. By adopting “lead-lag”, life of each compressor can be extended resulting in longer chiller life.

As the Interior Design, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients. We value our role in the success of your project, and take all the steps needed to ensure the end product is one that meets your needs and makes us proud. As your general contractor, we provide all materials, labor, equipment and services; subcontract with trade and specialty contractors; assist with building permits; monitor schedule and cash flow; and ensure a safe and secure project site.

  • Extensive Product Lineup
  • Versatility
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Large Capacity
  • Energy Efficient
  • Optimum Solution

Why Daikin • Combination of Daikin’s philosophy of Quality and Advanced Screw Technology • Latest State of art “Single Screw” technology • Most modern manufacturing facility with advanced machinery • AHRI Certification for the products and AHRI approved test stand • ASME certification for vessels (optional) • Short lead times • Customer oriented service & spare parts support over life of machine • Factory Trained Engineers with intricate knowledge of equipment • New technology retrofits & service upgrades • Proprietary Chiller Controller Software • Factory Back-Up at short notice

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